Coming Back || Klaine&co.

White. White floor, walls, and ceiling. White was Blaine’s least favorite color right now. For the past two days, that’s all he had seen. White. Blaine’s mind was just white. But it was calming. He wasn’t nervous or anxious. He didn’t have any emotion really. Blaine was just there. But soon, he started feeling a tug.

It wasn’t large, but it was there. He was starting to smell, and hear voices. He couldn’t make them out, as they were muffled, but he knew people we there. Feeling was radiating through his body and soon he realized a little hand was holding his. He tried to move his fingers but it wasn’t working. Calming himself, now slightly panicked, he thought. But his mind hurt. His whole body hurt, especially his head and torso. It hurt badly, like a fire had ripped through him. He let out a strangled noise, soon realizing that oh, he actually made it. People could hear it. He heard people making more noise, and felt as if people moved towards him. 

Using all his strength, he managed to crack his eyes open. Blaine tried to swallow but couldn’t and soon he was scared. He grid to breathe but it wasn’t working and he felt an intense pain as something was pulled out of his mouth and a man was standing over him. 

"Blaine. It’s okay. You had a breathing tube in, you’re alright. Relax. We’re getting you some water and we’re going to ask you some questions." The man who looked like a doctor said. 

Blaine let his eyes wander slightly, the light hurting them. He saw Joah, Abbey and Kurt. 

What had happened?